Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our Website and sign up for a free Just Click Logistics account. You will then receive a USA Shipping Address.You can then use this address to shop online or ship any item from the USA to Jamaica.

Yes. It is a requirement for all our customers to create an account before you can ship with us.

The delivery of your item is dependent on the when we receive your parcel. You can expect your package to arrive in Jamaica within 3-7 business days without unforeseen delays.

With each movement of your package, you will receive an email as well you have the option to track the item on our website. Once your item is ready for pickup, you will be notified via email or phone.

Yes, Third party pickup is allowed, on your account you can add the name of the recipient(s) that will be picking up on your behalf. call us and provide the name of the recipent. The third party must take along a valid government issued ID.

If your package total value exceeds USD100, your shipment will become liable for applicable customs duties and taxes. Certain items such as mobile phones, certain electronic devices and other commercially categorized goods will attract duties regardless of the total CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) value/price.

Yes we do! You can use our credit card to make all your purchases. Simply: 1. Provide URL and a screenshot/ picture of the item(s) 2. Confirm Product 3. Make Payment to us using - Cash or Bank Transfer.